Arch & Lintel Failure

Cracks above doors
and around windows

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Do they indicate deeper structural issues in my house?

Cracks above doors and around windows in your home are usually a tell-tale sign of structural issues in your house. These structural issues are brought on by a variety of factors and they manifest themselves in different ways. Here’s what you should be looking out for.

Bricks slipping downwards

If the cracks above your doors and windows are causing bricks to slip down, it’s a sign your house is suffering from subsidence. Subsidence causes the ground underneath your home to sink downwards or shift laterally.

This places immense force on your home’s foundation that travels throughout your house causing unevenness in your load bearing walls, your ceiling and even the roof. Slipping bricks can also be a sign of poor workmanship.

Arch failure on window

Wall cracks above windows

It’s likely your home is struggling with foundational problems if wall cracks sit above your windows.

If you have lintels above your windows, you may see vertical cracks rising upwards from the lintels. In the case you have arches above your windows, the bricks will no longer follow the curvature of the arch perfectly. They may even fall out.

Arch failure on window

Bowing or curving lintels

Lintels are made from a variety of materials that can include brick, stone, steel, concrete and even timber wood.

If your home’s suffering from structural challenges, uneven forces travelling through your walls will cause lintels to bow or curve above doors and windows. Depending on the material your lintels are made of, they may even crack.

Windows and doors are jammed or loose

If your windows jam, it could mean uneven forces rising from your home’s foundations are driving the walls around the windows together, squeezing them in. In the case your windows are loose, it could mean the walls that surround your windows are pulling apart.

In the case of doors, they may get stuck in the door jamb when you try to open them. They can even get stuck against the floor when you open them.

Need the cracks above your windows and doors checked out?

Sometimes cracks are superficial but if bricks are dropping out of arches or lintels have bent and snapped, it’s definitely time to give us a call. We’d be happy to visit FREE of charge to investigate the root cause of your home’s problems.

When you work with us, we promise

  • Free structural inspections
    We take a look at the cracks above your doors and windows at no charge.
  • Personal, friendly service
    We’ll treat your home as if it’s ours.
  • Simple, transparent quotes
    Our quotes come with easy to understand computer-generated drawings that detail our proposed solution.
  • Minimal disruptions to your life
    Fixing the cracks above doors and windows shouldn’t take more than a day.
  • Minimal disruptions to your home
    We never knock down or rebuild walls, windows or doors.
  • Affordable pricing
    Unlike many other building companies, we only typically charge between $4,000 to $8,000 to fix cracks above doors and windows. See our full list of prices.
  • Permanent fixes
    Cracks above your doors and windows stay fixed for good.
  • 10-year warranty
    In the rare case your cracks return, we’ll be back to fix them at no extra cost.

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