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1. My home has structural problems. I’d like an inspection and a quote. What do I need to do for this to happen?
  • Give us a call on 1300 854 115 or get in touch using our contact form
  • Your inspection request will be received by our receptionist who will pass it onto our project coordination team
  • Our project coordination team will liaise with our structural engineers to find out their earliest availability
  • Our team will be in touch to make sure their availability is the same as yours so we can visit for an inspection
2. What happens when your structural engineers arrive at my home?
  • When our engineer arrives at your home, they’ll be looking for the source of your home’s structural challenges
  • Our engineer will diagnose the source of your home’s problems so they can be permanently repaired
  • After the inspection, our engineer will explain the problems in detail to you and give you an explanation of what the solutions will be
3. How much will an inspection and quote cost?
  • Majority of companies in our industry charge between $500 and $2000 dollars
  • At Buildfix, inspections are complimentary
  • The extensive experience of our expert team of structural engineers and technicians allow them to work efficiently and precisely
  • We inspect and create quotes for FREE
4. How long does it take to get a quote?
  • We’re extremely experienced and confident in what we do
  • Because of this, we’ll let you know how much your fixes will cost – on the spot
  • We’ll also be able to tell you how long the structural problems of your home will take to fix
  • After a thorough inspection, putting a quote together will take no more than 5 minutes, on-site
  • We’ll send you a formal written quotation via email within five business days of visiting your home, along with computer-generated drawings detailing our proposed solution.
5. I’m happy with the quote and proposed solution. What next?
  • In the formal quotation, a “book my job” link is included as part of the email
  • To confirm that you want to go ahead with the job, all you need to do is click that link
  • You’ll be taken to an online form in our customer portal and will be asked few questions
  • It will take no more than two minutes to fill in
  • After you’ve submitted the form back to us, our project coordination team will be in touch with a proposed date and time for our technicians to visit your home.
6. How long will it take to repair my home and how much will it cost?
  • Our fully licensed technician’s and qualified structural engineers can get into your home, complete repairs within a day
  • Structural repairs typically only cost between $2K to $10K
  • By employing the latest technology and techniques, we work more efficiently than most building companies
  • This is also why you get outstanding service for a much lower price.
7. What happens after the structural problems of my home are repaired?
  • We’ll forward you a thorough report of everything that our teams found and repaired for your records
  • Our processes will be explained as well as what was achieved during the repairs
  • We will also forward along with your report, your 10-year guarantee certificate and the final invoice for completion of work
8. How do I pay and how long do I have?
  • We’re flexible in what we accept and take many forms of payment: PayPal, Debit card, Credit card, Bank cheque, Direct bank transfer
  • After you’ve received your invoice, you have up to 5 business days to pay the full amount.
9. Will my inspection and quote still be complimentary if I live in a rural area?
  • This will depend on where you are located in relation to the Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Canberra metropolitan areas
  • We understand that you want your home fixed quickly so if you live more than 2 hours drive outside of these areas we will need your help to expedite the structural repair process
  • When you get in touch with us we may give you information to help us make a preliminary inspection by remote
  • We’ll also ask a lot of questions in which you’ll also have an opportunity to provide photos of the structural issues
  • Off the information you provide, we can email you a formal quote as well as the structural repair details
  • In the case your home’s structural challenges are more complex, we’ll arrange a visit to inspect, however, there may be a small fee attached to this

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Book a FREE inspection today!

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    Our quotes are easy to understand and accompanied by drawings detailing our solutions. No technical jargon – we promise.

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    Once the price has been quoted, that’s what the job is going to cost. We don’t add extra costs at the last minute. No tricks.

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    Anything we repair or enhance stays that way. Otherwise we come back to carry out repairs again for FREE.

    10-year warranty

    You’re covered for 10 years from the day we finish our work.

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