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Cracked single storey Brisbane
Cracked single storey Brisbane bungalow with brick veneer repaired
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Preserve. Protect. Advance.

Preserve. Protect.

Keeping your assets in tip-top shape doesn’t have to come at the expense of disrupting your operations. At Buildfix, we specialise in asset preservation using the most advanced, non-disruptive solutions on the market.

With years of industry expertise and usage of non-invasive technologies, Buildfix stands out for its commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation. Our team of skilled experts is dedicated to addressing a wide variety of structural issues, ensuring the longevity and safety of your assets.

Minimising Disruption, Maximising Efficiency

Minimising Disruption, Maximising Efficiency

At Buildfix, we prioritise the smooth, continuous uptime of your operations. Our asset preservation practices are meticulously designed to weave into your existing processes, ensuring that our interventions enhance rather than disrupt your operational flow. This commitment to operational continuity is central to our approach, allowing us to provide services that are not only highly effective but also considerate of your day-to-day activities.

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Dedicated Experts Solving Complex Structural Challenges

Precision-Driven Solutions Powered by Our Team and Technology

Buildfix’s strength lies in our exceptional in-house team of structural engineers, licensed builders and skilled technicians, all working cohesively to address and solve your asset-related challenges. Supported by our bespoke project management software, each intervention is precisely planned and executed, offering you a comprehensive understanding of the work at hand. Our ten-year warranty on every job underscores our commitment to providing long-lasting solutions to your problems.

Precision-driven solutions powered by our team and technology

In-House Manufacturing: Quality and Innovation in Every Project

In-House Manufacturing: Quality and Innovation in Every Project

Australia’s Only Company Fully Dedicated To Innovation, From Manufacturing to Project Completion

Our commitment to quality and innovation is made possible through our unique in-house manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to create and apply bespoke technologies that are tailored specifically to the nuanced needs of the assets we work on. By controlling the production and application of these technologies, we ensure that every solution we provide is of the highest standard, designed to improve asset longevity and performance.

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Slab Lifting

Sunken concrete slabs put structural pressure on your asset’s foundations, causing instability, sloping floors, leaning walls and more. Slab lifting is an essential process for relevelling concrete slabs, for both indoor and outdoor facilities, to alleviate pressure and reduce the risk of severe structural issues.

Structural Repairs

Using advanced, non-disruptive technologies, Buildfix provides a wide array of Structural Repair solutions for commercial assets. Our repair strategies are designed to avoid costly demolitions and rebuilds while causing minimal disturbance to all community and onsite stakeholders. We remediate to Australian building and industry standards, preserving the operational integrity of your assets.

Soil Stabilisation

Shifting ground soil is a common cause of structural subsidence, with waterlogged ground, aerated soils and reactive clay all causing significant building movement over time. To address this, Soil Stabilisation remediates underground voids and weaknesses to ensure permanent stability of your structure, increasing the load-bearing capacity of your asset’s soil foundations.

Crack Repairs

Wall cracks are signs that your commercial facilities have underlying structural issues. At Buildfix, we specialise in identifying and addressing the root cause to deliver effective, permanent crack repairs. Our methods are affordable and non-destructive, implemented with progressive techniques by an in-house team of structural engineers, builders and skilled technicians. These innovative solutions are time and cost-efficient, avoiding any lengthy downtimes.

Waterproofing Solutions

The porous masonry structure of your buildings can absorb moisture and destructive minerals and salts. Without proper waterproofing, your assets can experience rising damp, exterior staining, paint damage, black mould and severe structural instability. Buildfix offers a range of environmentally safe solutions for commercial waterproofing. By using safe, odourless chemicals and advanced processes, we provide complete protection for your critical assets.

Maintenance Plans

Buildfix works closely with your management and onsite teams to deliver effective, non-disruptive maintenance plans. Working around your schedules of operation, we provide tailored structural assessments and remedial repairs that reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime. All works we perform are delivered by dedicated in-house engineers and trades, ensuring unmatched levels of quality in the maintenance of your commercial assets.

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Why partner with Buildfix

Multidisciplinary Approach:

We leverage our team’s diverse expertise to address complex structural challenges with unmatched knowledge and care.

Non-Invasive Solutions:

Our commitment to advanced, non-invasive techniques means repairs are carried out with minimal disruption, allowing your operations to continue unhindered.

Enhanced Project Management:

Benefit from our advanced project management software, which brings unparalleled efficiency and clarity to every phase of the project to ensure a smooth and transparent process from start to finish.

In-House Technologies:

At Buildfix, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop and apply advanced technologies, ensuring each solution is perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of your project for superior outcomes.

Guaranteed Durability:

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our solutions with a 20-year warranty, offering you peace of mind and confidence in the longevity of our work.

National Service Coverage:

We provide comprehensive services across Australia, with a presence in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, and WA, ensuring you can access our expert solutions no matter your location.

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#1 Structural Repair
Top-Rated in Australia!

Book now and we’ll assess your assets for FREE.

#1 Structural Repair
Top-Rated in Australia!

Book now and we’ll assess your assets for FREE.
Seeing flaking paint, crumbling bricks or plasterwork? DampBlock™ AQ50 is a next-generation damp-proof injection fluid designed to eradicate rising damp in walls.

With its advanced non-hazardous, odour-free formula, AQ50 offers homeowners a safer and cleaner way to rid their home of rising damp.
Is your home subsiding? GeoPoly™ GER60 is a cutting-edge geopolymer resin for lifting and stabilising foundations. It targets hard-to-reach voids deep below ground to instantly strengthen your home’s foundations.

GER60 is the ultimate ground engineering resin, providing unparalleled technology for a solid, permanent solution.


Seeing cracks in your walls? HelicalBar™ R304 returns the structural integrity of compromised walls while avoiding the hassle and expense of extensive rebuilding.

Its unique triple-fin helix design, made from high-grade stainless steel, provides incredible strength, durability and versatility, making it ideal for repairing structural defects in homes.
Bouncy, creaky, uneven floorboards? We can fix it. GeoPoly™ PSR30 is a specially formulated geopolymer resin designed to raise piers and level sinking timber floors while stabilising the foundation below ground.

GeoPoly™ PSR30 is a quick, disruption-free alternative to costly pier replacements, permanently preserving your floors.
Have you noticed sloping concrete floors or shifting driveways and paths? GeoPoly™ SJ120 directly addresses these issues. This technology uses a controlled expansion to relevel sunken concrete beneath the structure.

Once applied, you can immediately walk or even drive on the surface. Raise your concrete permanently with GeoPoly™ SJ120.
Are you seeing bulging or leaning walls around your home? HelicalBar™ T316 is our marine-grade 316 stainless steel remedial wall tie designed to rectify leaning and unstable wall issues.

It’s quick and non-invasive, securing walls through small pilot holes for fast and efficient repairs.