We continue to lead the industry in service, innovation and fair pricing. When it comes to our warranties, we want to make a genuine promise to our customers that gives them the ultimate peace of mind. And we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Over the past 10,000+ projects, we’ve provided customers with our industry-leading warranties to ensure their home is covered from the ground up.

Warranty information —

Geopoly 10 Year Warranty

GeoPoly™ 10-year Warranty

If we lift your foundations and stabilise the ground below your structure with our GeoPoly™ solution, and it continues to sink within ten years, we will re-inject and raise it again, at no cost to you.*


HelicalBar™ 10-year Warranty

If movement continues after our HelicalBar™ systems were installed in your walls, we’ll return to re-install and fix the cracks anytime within a ten year period, at no cost to you.*


DampBlock™ 10-year Warranty

If you choose us to repair rising damp in your walls with our DampBlock™ treatment, we promise it’ll remain damp free . If not, we’ll return within 10 years and put it right, at no cost to you.*

Some exclusions and limitations apply, see below.

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Warranty FAQs

Does your warranty only cover for deterioration of the product?
  • No, our warranties cover you for much more than product deterioration.
  • Product deterioration warranties offer little protection for homeowners, and it can be challenging to prove.
  • Instead, we remove the uncertainty for you. Our warranties go far beyond product deterioration and cover the repair against eventualities that are beyond your control and ours, which is why our warranties are industry-leading.
What exactly will my warranty cover?
  • Repair failure beyond our control caused by; burst pipes and drains, reactive clay subsidence, soil washout, vibrations from nearby construction, subsidence caused by vegetation growth, and additional load from a single story extension.
  • Repair failure caused by material shrinkage, deterioration, corrosion, rot, breakage.
  • Faulty installation or poor workmanship.
Can I transfer the warranty?
  • Yes, there is a small admin fee, and you must give the new owners the original quote, repair detail, and a copy of the invoice to ensure they fully understand the work carried out by us.
What happens if I need to claim my warranty?
  • In the rare case you call us back, we will return to assess the original work and monitor for a short time to establish what is going on with your home and pinpoint any problems. If our initial repairs fail, we will return once to ensure your home is repaired as promised.
How long will my warranty last?
  • All Buildfix warranties last for ten years and begin the instant works are complete.

Exclusions and Limitations

We’re upfront about our warranty exclusions and limitations from the get-go, no tricks, no games, and no confusing legal jargon.

Natural hazard

Natural hazards (an act of god) such as earthquakes, tsunamis, land slides, volcanos, avalanches, floods – broad scale floods and bushfires, are not covered by our warranties.

Someone else’s work

We only cover work performed by us.

Repair locations covered

Our warranties cover the repair locations of the foundation or structure highlighted in our repair detail provided with the quote and one metre beyond.


Excavating or digging the ground under the structure or within the zone of influence after we complete repairs will void our warranties.

Poorly maintained drainage

Drainage should be kept in good condition and well maintained to avoid invalidating our warranties.

Removal of products or materials

Our warranties are void if our products and materials are damaged or removed from the structure after repairs.


Our warranties do not cover structures or foundations for minor and expected settlement.

Not acting on Buildfix advice

Not carrying out repairs recommended by Buildfix will void our warranties.

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