Wall Cracks

Why have wall cracks appeared in my home?

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Why do walls crack?

Leading causes of wall cracks

Wall cracks can appear in your home for a wide variety of reasons. To repair them and stop them from returning permanently, understanding the reason they’ve appeared and removing their root cause is a must. If you’re wondering why cracks have appeared in your home, here are some of the top reasons.


Wall Crack Reason No. 1:
Reactive Clay Soils

A major cause of wall cracks is reactive clay. Reactive clay soils expand or contract as seasons change throughout the year. They expand in the presence of moisture and contract as they dry up during hotter months.

If the soil under your home expands and contracts evenly, you may not get wall cracks in your home. But if the soil under your home expands or contracts unevenly, your home’s foundations may undergo an immense amount of stress. In turn, your home will develop internal and/or external wall cracks.


Wall Crack Reason No. 2:
Additional Loads

Wall cracks appear when a home’s weight goes beyond what it was constructed to take. As a home gets heavier with additional loads (such as wall extensions), the force upon the structure’s foundation and the soil upon which it sits increases.

If this force happens to be unevenly directed or distributed, it can have a devastating impact upon the structure. Wall cracks are just the beginning.


Wall Crack Reason No. 3:
Poor Drainage

Poor drainage is a major cause of wall cracks. Unconnected pipes, broken drains and leakages allow water to find its way into the soil under your home. Over time, the ground becomes unstable due to soil erosion.

Voids in the ground and aeration of the soil may have developed underneath your home. They cause instability in your home’s foundation and in turn, cracks in your wall.


Wall Crack Reason No. 4:
Poor Workmanship

Wall cracks can appear when your home’s been poorly designed and constructed. If builders and contractors have built your home in a hurry, they may have cut corners and used a lot of shortcuts.

They may have neglected to compact the ground on which your home was built or neglected to install quality drainage which leads to soil erosion. Unstable ground means an unstable foundation resulting in wall cracks.


Wall Crack Reason No. 5:
Expanding Materials

Wall cracks can appear when brickwork expands. Some clay bricks can expand up to several millimetres per year as they age over time. This expansion creates lateral force and if it isn’t controlled correctly it causes wall cracks to appear.

Wall cracks can also appear in concrete walls. As concrete ages, it can shrink and deflect.

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Other leading causes

of wall cracks in Australia

Thermal Movement

Water Erosion


Traffic & Construction Sites Vibrations

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