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Slab Jacking

If you’ve noticed your floors, driveway, paths, or pool moving we have an advanced solution to correct it.

What is slab jacking?

Slab Jacking is the process of raising and re-levelling sunken concrete slabs that rest on the ground. These slabs could be the floors inside your home, garage or workspace. They can also be in external environments such as your pool area, driveway or walkways in your garden. Slab Jacking is also sometimes referred to as concrete levelling.

Why it’s essential concrete is level around your home?

When the large concrete slabs of your home’s interior flooring are sinking, it often means that your home’s subfloor foundation is also sinking. This downward movement places immense pressure on your home from its foundation upwards, leading to a cascade of structural issues such as wall cracks, ceiling collapse, jammed windows and doors, leaning walls and sloping floors.

Similarly, sinking outdoor concrete slabs in areas like driveways or pools signals underlying problems. The repercussions extend from drainage failures and underground service damages to safety hazards and aesthetic deterioration.

Slab Jacking is crucial for halting these structural issues and reversing the effects, ensuring both your indoor and outdoor spaces remain safe, functional and visually appealing.

The conventional ways to level sinking concrete slabs

Self-leveling cement screed

This concrete levelling technique involves pouring a cement based mixture to even out floors. The cement is used to fix dips and slopes, creating the appearance of a level floor. This method can be effective when dealing with sloping slabs, however it can be a waste of time and money if the underlying issues are not rectified and the concrete continues to sink.

Demolition and replacement

Commonly known as break and replace, this method involves removing and constructing new concrete slabs. Despite high disruption and cost, it doesn’t address weak soils below and should only be done after a thorough geotechnical investigation to assess soil strength and ensure adequate support for new construction.

Concrete underpinning

Concrete underpinning isn’t a method often used to rectify sunken concrete slabs due to its high costs and disruption, but some builders still recommend it. With the assistance of heavy machinery, concrete is poured into holes below affected structures. Underpinning can be effective at stopping slabs from sinking further, but it cannot rectify levels and the cost can be prohibitive for many.
The one thing all conventional concrete levelling methods have in common is the disruption they cause to your home and daily life. These repairs can take several days, sometimes weeks to complete, leaving areas of your home off-limits for a long time. Solving sunken concrete slabs quickly and without the hassle involves looking into modern, less invasive techniques. Solutions that can offer rapid restoration and minimal impact to your home and budget.

Our advanced concrete levelling solution - GeoPoly™

GeoPoly™ is our geopolymer resin Slab Jacking solution. It’s a progressive approach for levelling concrete slabs and structures.

By injecting GeoPoly™ into the ground beneath, slabs can realign while simultaneously increasing the foundations load-bearing capacity to ensure a stable, permanent solution.

It works with a chemical expansion pressure, which is completely controllable and safe. Access underneath only requires a small drill hole roughly 1 cm wide, ensuring minimal disruption to your home.

If your floor, pool or driveway is sinking, we can stabilise and realign it, ensuring minimal inconvenience or disruption to you and your home.

The advantages of our GeoPoly™ slab jack solution

Lift Sunken Slabs

If you have sunken concrete slabs, GeoPoly™ can give them a lift, improving levels, making your home look better instantly.

Minimal Disruption

GeoPoly™ is non-disruptive and is injected through small drill holes. You and your family can stay home while we work.

Immediate Results

GeoPoly™ gets to work fast, meaning sunken slabs can be fixed in no time. Most jobs are completed in just one day.

20-Year Warranty

You’ll get complete peace of mind. We guarantee your subsidence won’t return, or we return at no cost to you.

Need a slab jacking solution? Book a FREE structural assessment today

Need a slab jacking solution?
Book a FREE structural assessment today

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Reasons why you should choose Buildfix

FREE structural assessment and expert advice

Buildfix structural engineers or consultants come to your home at no cost. Our assessments are thorough, uncovering your home’s issues and the best solutions.

UNLIMITED GeoPoly™️ for your job

After we’ve completed your quote, we don’t change it. We don’t add extra costs at the end. With us, there are no tricks, no games and zero surprises.

Permanent repair guaranteed

Using our advanced underpinning technology GeoPoly™️, we can lift your foundations and solve your subsidence permanently. Everything we do is guaranteed to last.

Experience - thousands of projects completed

With well over 10,000 projects completed, you'll get the most experienced and committed teams around. Your home is in expert hands with our proven track record.

Best price promise

With our leading techniques and technology, we work more accurately and more efficiently than anyone else. We promise the best price*, if not we'll beat lower offers by 5%.

*Must be like-for-like, covering the same area with unlimited GeoPoly™️, or similar material.

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**Excludes some remote locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Slab Jacking Restore My Concrete to its Original Level?

Our primary goal is to stabilise the underlying soil of your concrete slab, preventing further sinking while aiming to reverse subsidence effects. With the innovative application of our GeoPoly™ technology, we are equipped to lift and level concrete slabs effectively. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the success of these corrections can be influenced by the unique conditions at each site. Therefore, while we strive for optimal results, achieving a perfectly level surface may not always be possible.

Typically, yes. Most concrete levelling projects are completed within a day. However, project duration can vary based on repair complexity, area size and ground conditions, affecting the overall time frame.
No, this is a fairly common misconception about slab jacking. Slab jacking can successfully raise and relevel concrete slabs, such as driveways, and stabilise soils by filling voids directly beneath. Underpinning, on the other hand, is required for supporting heavier structures, like the load-bearing walls of your home. If your home requires underpinning, Buildfix offers an advanced ground engineering solution that tackles subsidence deep underground. Please visit our underpinning page to learn more.
Absolutely not. At Buildfix, we ensure procedures are conducted with minimal disruption to your daily life, allowing you to remain at home throughout the process.
Buildfix has successfully assessed and completed tens of thousands of projects across Australia over the past decade. This mostly includes residential projects but covers commercial and strata buildings as well.
Minimal disruption is one of our aims. We inject our GeoPoly™ resin through small holes in the ground, akin to ‘keyhole surgery, minimising excavation and mess. You can continue with your regular home life while the work is being carried out.

Absolutely. We proudly offer an industry-leading, transferable 20-year warranty on workmanship, as well as a 50-year product warranty. This extensive coverage ensures your peace of mind for years to come and adds value to your property, even if you decide to sell it in the future.

Yes, our GeoPoly” resin is environmentally safe and poses no harm to the surroundings. It is classed as non-hazardous.
When it comes to performing work on the day, our team of skilled technicians will handle all aspects of repairs on your property. All Buildfix technicians are full-time employees, not subcontractors, ensuring you receive service from highly experienced and committed experts.
Slab jacking is a repair technique for lifting concrete slabs that have settled by pumping a material underneath to raise it back to its original level. It’s commonly used for sidewalks, driveways and house floor slabs.
If you notice uneven concrete surfaces, cracks or areas where one part of the slab has sunk lower than the surrounding area, slab jacking might be required to level out the surface and prevent further damage.
Traditional slab jacking uses a grout mixture, while advanced solutions like GeoPoly™ use a special geopolymer resin that expands to lift and stabilise the concrete slab.
Yes, when done correctly, slab jacking is considered a permanent repair that solves the underlying problem of soil settlement or compaction under the slab. How does GeoPoly™ differ from traditional slab jacking methods? GeoPoly™ is less invasive and often more precise than traditional slab jacking. It uses a lightweight, expansive geopolymer that quickly raises and stabilises the slab with minimal disruption and can be adjusted for precise levelling.

#1 Slab Jacking Top-Rated in Australia!

We’re happy to take a look at your home for FREE.

#1 Slab Jacking Top-Rated in Australia!

We’re happy to take a look at your home for FREE.

Seeing flaking paint, crumbling bricks or plasterwork? DampBlock™ AQ50 is a next-generation damp-proof injection fluid designed to eradicate rising damp in walls.

With its advanced non-hazardous, odour-free formula, AQ50 offers homeowners a safer and cleaner way to rid their home of rising damp.
Is your home subsiding? GeoPoly™ GER60 is a cutting-edge geopolymer resin for lifting and stabilising foundations. It targets hard-to-reach voids deep below ground to instantly strengthen your home’s foundations.

GER60 is the ultimate ground engineering resin, providing unparalleled technology for a solid, permanent solution.


Seeing cracks in your walls? HelicalBar™ R304 returns the structural integrity of compromised walls while avoiding the hassle and expense of extensive rebuilding.

Its unique triple-fin helix design, made from high-grade stainless steel, provides incredible strength, durability and versatility, making it ideal for repairing structural defects in homes.
Bouncy, creaky, uneven floorboards? We can fix it. GeoPoly™ PSR30 is a specially formulated geopolymer resin designed to raise piers and level sinking timber floors while stabilising the foundation below ground.

GeoPoly™ PSR30 is a quick, disruption-free alternative to costly pier replacements, permanently preserving your floors.
Have you noticed sloping concrete floors or shifting driveways and paths? GeoPoly™ SJ120 directly addresses these issues. This technology uses a controlled expansion to relevel sunken concrete beneath the structure.

Once applied, you can immediately walk or even drive on the surface. Raise your concrete permanently with GeoPoly™ SJ120.
Are you seeing bulging or leaning walls around your home? HelicalBar™ T316 is our marine-grade 316 stainless steel remedial wall tie designed to rectify leaning and unstable wall issues.

It’s quick and non-invasive, securing walls through small pilot holes for fast and efficient repairs.