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Keep your walls standing strong and secure with cavity tie replacement and lateral support solutions.

What are remedial wall ties?

Remedial wall ties are crucial, non-invasive solutions designed to stabilise compromised walls around your home. They are used for both cavity and solid walls that have lost their connection to the main structure, often impacting the exterior, load-bearing walls.

Also referred to as wall tie replacements or lateral restraints, remedial wall ties play a key role in re-securing walls to ensure your home’s stability and safety.

When might remedial wall ties be essential for my home?

If your home’s walls are constructed with two separate layers of brick and a gap in the middle, you have cavity walls. Similarly, if your home features solid walls, they too rely on a stable connection to maintain structural integrity. Wall ties are embedded into the brickwork during construction to keep these walls securely connected. However, over time, these wall ties can fail, leading to instability, and in severe cases, walls may lean or collapse.

The primary causes of wall tie failure include corrosion from exposure to moisture and water, disconnection caused by subsidence and damage from expanding brickwork.

Remedial wall ties serve as a replacement for both cavity and solid wall ties, ensuring the permanent stability of your walls and, more importantly, your home’s structure.

Symptoms Of Wall Tie Failure To Look Out For Around Your Home

Gap around windows

Unfortunately, detecting failing wall ties is challenging since they’re concealed within the walls, invisible to the naked eye. However, one reliable indicator of structural issues is the appearance of gaps around your windows. Such issues, including wall tie corrosion or foundation settlement, can lead to the external wall detaching from the internal load-bearing walls. Typically, walls will start to lean outward at the top. If you notice gaps that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, it’s a strong indication that your home may be experiencing wall tie failure and requires remedial wall ties

Leaning, bulging walls

If your home is an older, pre-1930s build, it’s probably constructed with solid brickwork through to the ground. This type of wall construction, while common in the past, was phased out due to reliability issues. Despite being ‘solid’ in name, these walls are exposed to environmental changes and poor construction quality, leading to leaning or bulging walls over time. Should you observe your walls bowing outward in the middle or detaching from the roof, it may be an indication that your home is experiencing structural challenges and could benefit from a remedial wall tie solution to improve stability.

Cracks near corners

If you live in a modern brick building, it likely has cavity wall construction made from extruded clay brick. Over time, the exterior wall, due to exposure to the elements, can expand in a process known as brick growth, causing cracks near the corners of your home. While these cracks are structural concerns on their own, an additional, unseen issue could be the snapping of cavity wall ties that connect internal to external walls. If your home is showing corner cracks and signs of brick growth, it’s possible your cavity ties need to be replaced.

Sometimes the symptoms of wall tie failure might just be cosmetic blemishes, but others can signal a more serious structural problem.

Leaving these walls unattended could compromise structural integrity, resulting in expensive rebuilding of walls and reduced value of your home. They may even be a safety concern for your family.

Our remedial wall tie solution – HelicalBar™

We never tear down, buttress or reconstruct anything when it comes to fixing leaning and bulging walls. These obsolete techniques break the bank and can even evict you from your home for months!

Instead, we use our very own HelicalBar™ remedial wall ties formed using the latest technology around. Implemented with progressive, non-disruptive techniques by our team of technicians, our ties stabilise walls that bow, lean or bulge over in only a day or two, at an affordable price.

More importantly, you can continue to stay in your own home while we do all the work.

The Advantages Of Our HelicalBar™ Solution


HelicalBars™ are installed through small slits, ensuring safety and minimal disruption during the repair process.

Quick Completion

The remedial wall tie install process is extremely efficient, with most jobs completed within one or two days.


HelicalBars™ eliminate costly knockdown and rebuilding, keeping your walls and budget intact.

20-Year Warranty

You’ll get complete peace of mind. We guarantee your subsidence won’t return, or we return at no cost to you.

Need a remedial wall tie solution? Book a FREE structural assessment today

Need a remedial wall tie solution?
Book a FREE structural assessment today

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wall ties and why are they important for my home?
Wall ties are essential components in the construction of the walls of a home. They act as a connection between the inner and outer structures, ensuring the walls act as a single unit, providing structural stability and helping to prevent potential collapse.
Indicators that wall ties may need attention include vertical cracks in your brickwork near corners, bulging or bowing of walls and gaps appearing between your bricks and windows. An assessment by one of our experts can provide a definitive answer.
Repairing or replacing wall ties doesn’t involve removing old faulty ties or your bricks. They stay in place. Instead, new ones are installed from the outside. This process typically includes drilling into the brickwork, inserting the new ties and making good any disturbance to the wall’s appearance. These new ties are known as remedial wall ties and come in varying lengths from 220 mm to 1 m, depending on the age of your home and the design of your walls.
Mostly, yes. The majority of our projects are completed within one or two days. However, the duration varies depending on the complexity of the repair, the area size and the access requirements.
Definitely not. Buildfix will work around your schedule and needs. Some projects may require indoor access, but we’ll let you know in advance if furniture needs to be moved to access the walls we’re targeting for repair.

Buildfix has successfully assessed and completed tens of thousands of projects across Australia over the past decade. This mostly includes residential projects, as well as some commercial and strata buildings.

Minimal disruption and mess is a priority for us. HelicalBar™ is seamlessly concealed within your walls, avoiding the need for large-scale demolition and the mess it causes. You can go about your daily life at home while the repairs are underway, and we’ll make sure your home is spotless.

Absolutely. We proudly offer an industry-leading, transferable 20-year warranty on our workmanship, as well as a 50-year product warranty. This ensures your peace of mind for years to come, adding value to your property even if you decide to sell it in the future.

When it comes to performing the work on the day, our team of skilled technicians will handle all aspects of repairs on your property.

All Buildfix technicians are full-time employees, not subcontractors, ensuring you receive service from highly experienced and committed experts.

#1 Remedial Wall Tie
Top-Rated in Australia!

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#1 Remedial Wall Tie Top-Rated in Australia!

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Are you seeing bulging or leaning walls around your home? HelicalBar™ T316 is our marine-grade 316 stainless steel remedial wall tie designed to rectify leaning and unstable wall issues.

It’s quick and non-invasive, securing walls through small pilot holes for fast and efficient repairs.