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Cracked single storey Brisbane
Cracked single storey Brisbane bungalow with brick veneer repaired
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Seeing flaking paint, crumbling bricks or plasterwork? DampBlock™ AQ50 is a next-generation damp-proof injection fluid designed to eradicate rising damp in walls.

With its advanced non-hazardous, odour-free formula, AQ50 offers homeowners a safer and cleaner way to rid their home of rising damp.
Is your home subsiding? GeoPoly™ GER60 is a cutting-edge geopolymer resin for lifting and stabilising foundations. It targets hard-to-reach voids deep below ground to instantly strengthen your home’s foundations.

GER60 is the ultimate ground engineering resin, providing unparalleled technology for a solid, permanent solution.


Seeing cracks in your walls? HelicalBar™ R304 returns the structural integrity of compromised walls while avoiding the hassle and expense of extensive rebuilding.

Its unique triple-fin helix design, made from high-grade stainless steel, provides incredible strength, durability and versatility, making it ideal for repairing structural defects in homes.
Bouncy, creaky, uneven floorboards? We can fix it. GeoPoly™ PSR30 is a specially formulated geopolymer resin designed to raise piers and level sinking timber floors while stabilising the foundation below ground.

GeoPoly™ PSR30 is a quick, disruption-free alternative to costly pier replacements, permanently preserving your floors.
Have you noticed sloping concrete floors or shifting driveways and paths? GeoPoly™ SJ120 directly addresses these issues. This technology uses a controlled expansion to relevel sunken concrete beneath the structure.

Once applied, you can immediately walk or even drive on the surface. Raise your concrete permanently with GeoPoly™ SJ120.
Are you seeing bulging or leaning walls around your home? HelicalBar™ T316 is our marine-grade 316 stainless steel remedial wall tie designed to rectify leaning and unstable wall issues.

It’s quick and non-invasive, securing walls through small pilot holes for fast and efficient repairs.