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Technical Specifications

Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Tensile Strength: 1200N/mm2
Supports: All types of masonry structures
Corrosion Resistant : Over 50 years
Environmental Impact: None
Structural Disturbance : Minimal

HelicalBar™ – Toughest crack stitching & remedial wall tie system for buildings

The HelicalBar™ is our proprietary crack stitching and wall tie replacement system for reconnecting walls and stabilising masonry structures above ground. We designed our unique, industry leading technology to return structural integrity – fast. If your home’s load bearing walls are suffering from lateral forces or direct pressure from above and below, our HelicalBar™ can bring any movement to a halt.

At only 6mm and 8mm wide, we can insert HelicalBars™ straight into unstable brickwork to any depth. We fix HelicalBar™ into your walls with our structural grout to strengthen and reinforce them permanently. Non-invasive and non-disruptive, our HelicalBar™ also stays out of sight to preserve the beauty of your structures.

HelicalBar™ is very strong and last up to 50 years

Made of an austenitic, 316 marine grade stainless steel, our tripled-finned HelicalBars™ have the greatest tensile strength of any crack stitch on the market. A unique combination of chromium and nickel, our HelicalBar™ meets the Australian standard AS 3700 masonry structure requirements for marine environments. Designed to resist optimal lateral loads, our HelicalBar™ lasts without corrosion for up to 50 years.

HelicalBar™ will allow for natural structural movement

Under natural conditions, all buildings move, from the tallest skyscrapers in the world to the smallest houses. Our HelicalBar™ is designed with this natural movement in mind. With their superior tensile properties, our HelicalBars™ don’t snap but rather give and take, redistributing lateral force under all manner of weather conditions. You can be sure your walls and masonry structures will always stand firm and strong

With the HelicalBar™ you don’t need to knock walls down

More often than not, the average repair man will tell you an unstable wall or masonry structure is dangerous and will need to be knocked down. With our HelicalBar™ solution, you won’t need to. The HelicalBar™ redistributes weight and steadies lateral movement over large areas to compliment foundational repairs. With our HelicalBar™ you can keep your walls and masonry structures standing without needing to knock them down. The HelicalBar™ can even repair broken lintels and arches without rebuilding. Keep walls and masonry structures standing to save $1000’s on labour costs.

Our Promise

  • Personal, friendly service
    We’ll treat your home as if it’s ours.
  • Free structural inspections
    We come and look at your house and wall cracks free of charge.
  • Simple, transparent quotes
    Easy to understand computer-generated drawings detailing your solution.
  • Minimal disruptions to your life
    Repairs to your wall cracks shouldn’t take more than a day.
  • Minimal disruptions to your home
    We don’t use underpinning and we don’t knock down walls.
  • Affordable pricing
    Our repairs range from $4,000 to $8,000. See our full list of prices.
  • Permanent fixes
    We’re thorough in what we do, cracked walls we fix will stay fixed.
  • 10-year warranty
    In the rare case the wall cracks come back, we’ll be back too, at no extra cost.

Book a FREE inspection today!

Book a FREE inspection today!

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