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Our technologies are the latest in product innovation and have been specifically designed to repair residential buildings.

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GeoPoly™ is our innovative non-disruptive geopolymer structural resin. It can be used to permanently underpin foundations quickly & cost effectively, without requiring expensive traditional underpinning. It is injected into problematic foundation soils, where its rapid x30 expansion rate allows it to quickly fill any underlying voids and prevent subsidence. Its great mechanical stress and chemical attack resistance allows it to withstand harsh climates, and its application reduces the permeability of the underlying soil. This limits any shrink-swell phenomena from reactive clay soils.

We have created high tensile strength (1200 MPa), 316-grade stainless steel HelicalBars™ to strengthen & repair masonry, without requiring demolition & rebuilding. The triple-fin 6mm design and special cementitious grout we use, GroutSet, allows these reinforcement bars to fit & bond to the mortar joints between masonry units. HelicalBars™ can also be bent to fit around corners when needed, continue over large spans and our 8mm FastFix HelicalBar™ can be used to reconnect leaning walls without removing a single brick.

DampBlock™ is the premium solvent-based chemical we have created to remedy the effects of rising damp inside homes. We inject this innovative formula at high pressure to fill in the pores of damaged bricks. This prevents the capillary action which draws water in from the ground, and puts an end to rising damp. DampBlock™ is non-flammable. Being odourless you can be assured that no smell will be transferred through to attached buildings or party walls. It is fast curing and non-salting, leaving absolutely no residue.

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