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Material: Geotechnical Polyurethane
Compressive Strength: Up to 15 MPa
Supports Buildings: Up to 2 stories
Cure Time: 2 mins (95%)
Environmental Impact: Safe, non toxic
Expansion Rate: Up to x30
Injection Depth: Up to 3m

What is GeoPoly™

GeoPoly™ is our proprietary geo-polymer soil stabilisation technology. We have designed it specifically to seek out voids and weaknesses below walls and structures to stop subsidence and reverse its effects. Its unique properties can raise structures and may even close gaps in walls and re-level concrete slabs and floors. GeoPoly™ is a special form of polyurethane, a plastic. Polyurethane is one of the most widely used materials we use in society and can be found in many household items – it’s environmentally friendly.

We inject GeoPoly™ into the ground underneath your home through small (1cm) drill holes, ensuring minimal disruption to the structure and surrounding landscape. Once it’s in the foundation soil, it follows the path of least restraint, expanding as it goes. The force generated by the expansion is more than enough to fill any voids and counter the compressional force from the structure above.

GeoPoly™ stabilises foundations permanently

GeoPoly™ fills voids and compacts the soil under your home to counter the effects of subsidence permanently. If your home is sinking due to eroded soil, moving clays, vibrations in the earth or even poor workmanship, our geo-polymer solution can stop subsidence instantly. GeoPoly™ can make your home safer to live in for you and your family. And over time, it can help you save money. It’s the perfect alternative to expensive and invasive concrete underpinning solutions.

GeoPoly™ is safe and doesn’t biodegrade

GeoPoly™ is made primarily from polyurethane, a rigid and flexible plastic found in thousands of products – including car parts, medical equipment, household furniture, and sportswear. GeoPoly™ is environmentally neutral and won’t biodegrade. You can be sure your home’s stable while your family is safe from harm.

GeoPoly™sets within minutes

In minutes, GeoPoly™ can lift your floors, your walls and even large concrete slabs. GeoPoly™ sets rapidly, transforming from a liquid into a solid almost instantly to fill voids, consolidate aerated soil and protect your home from sinking quickly.

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