Chemical: Siloxanes
Viscosity: Very Low
Structure Treatment: All masonry walls
Cure Rate: 24 hours
Environmental Impact: Safe, non toxic
Structural Disturbance: Minimal

DampBlock™ rising damp treatment

DampBlock™ is our proprietary solvent or silicon based solution for stopping the effects of rising damp. It keeps porous masonry, soft mortars, wooden floors and walls from drawing moisture out of the ground. It stops structural salt damage in walls and mold damage. DampBlock™ stops your home from turning into a health hazard.

DampBlock™ works simply. We inject it directly into your home’s porous brick, or mortar joints, at roughly 150mm above ground level. This process creates a damp barrier at the correct height by blocking the capillaries that draw moisture in from the ground. Once DampBlock™ has set, your home’s structural materials stay dry from rising damp.

DampBlock™ maintains the integrity of your home

As the years pass, porous masonry, wooden floors and walls are bound to soak up moisture from the ground if not treated. Capillary attraction ensures these materials act like sponges. Eventually they’ll crumble, decay and fall apart. This happens because salt is drawn up in a soluble state in moisture during wetter months. As the materials dry during drier spells the process causes the salt to crystalise and expand. DampBlock™ is the rising damp treatment that can protect these materials. It shields them from moisture to stop the possibility of structural salt damage and decay.

DampBlock™ keeps your home dry

As porous masonry, wood and softer mortars absorb moisture, the interior of your home will become increasingly wet. More often than not, this moisture has no way to escape. With this persistent dampness comes the growth of mold, bacteria and eventually microorganisms and other bugs you don’t want around yourself, friends or family.

Worst of all is the smell! At a chemical level, DampBlock™ mixes with moisture in walls to create a barrier of jelly that’s so small you can’t see it. This dense barrier keeps the water out, keeps your home dry and keeps your family and you in good health.

DampBlock™sets fast and lasts

Once injected into the wet porous brick or mortar, DampBlock™ begins setting instantly. The protective jelly that results from DampBlock™ eventually ™sets dry. The curing process happens within just 24 hours and will protect walls from rising damp for more than 20 years.

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