Bowed Walls

What’s causing my walls to bow, bulge or lean?

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Causes of Bowed Walls

Your walls will bow, bulge or lean for a variety of reasons. It’s important to diagnose the real reason for the bowing or leaning before trying to stabilise your walls. If you want to know why you have bowed walls, here are some of the most common reasons.


Bowed Walls Cause No. 1:
Unstable, Moving Ground

One of the most common reasons for bowed walls is unstable, moving ground. Both year-round, non-stop movement from reactive clays and too much flowing water that over-saturates your ground causes aeration in the soil. Voids eventually develop underground. Your home’s foundations shift in this aerated ground, causing your walls to slip downwards or laterally and ultimately bow and lean.


Bowed Walls Cause No. 2:
Broken Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity walls are made of two walls, an interior wall and exterior one. Wall ties are attached on the inside cavity of the interior and exterior wall to stabilise them. Cavity wall ties have traditionally been made of steel which rusts and snaps apart after many decades. If your cavity wall ties have actually snapped, your walls will be prone to bowing and leaning. Another reason you may have a bowed wall is the absence of wall ties due to builder negligence.

Salt damp in masonry brick

Bowed Walls Cause No. 3:
Masonry Decay

Masonry decay, known technically as masonry fretting, occurs due to rising damp and salt attack. If your damp proofing course has failed, your masonry’s capillaries will be soaking moisture and salts out of the ground. During dryer months, these salts crystallise and expand from inside the masonry as moisture escapes. The expansion is so forceful, it turns mortar and brick to dust. This devastates walls from the inside, causing them to lean, bow or even collapse.


Bowed Walls Cause No. 4: Vibrations

If you live near a construction site, main road, train line or airport, the ground upon which your home sits absorbs high impact shocks, daily. Large excavators, heavy trucks, high speed trains whizzing by and airplanes taking off and landing, cause the soil on which your home sits to shake, aerate and destabilise. As the ground becomes less stable, your house foundations start to come apart, causing the walls to bow and lean.


Bowed Walls Cause No. 5: Increased Load

Adding extra weight to your home places a huge amount of pressure on your home’s structure and the soil upon which it sits. This extra weight most commonly comes from wall extensions that have been added without any consideration for the amount of weight the walls were constructed to take. The extra weight adds pressure to the ground and also pulls at the previously constructed walls causing them to bow.

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Book a FREE inspection of your leaning walls today!

Book a FREE inspection of your leaning walls today!

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