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Why Buildfix was started

Why do structural repairs cost so much and take such a long time to do?

This is something Buildfix hear all the time and want to change.

Buildfix was started out of a concern that homeowners weren’t receiving the right expertise and care they deserved, at an affordable cost. All too often, we saw homeowners charged far too much for a structural repair solution that didn’t stand the test of time. For us at Buildfix, this was unacceptable. So we set out to improve our industry and change people’s lives by:

Creating our own proprietary products

Investing in brand new, state-of-the-art equipment

Adopting the latest, revolutionary techniques as well as creating our own

Employing qualified structural engineers, licence builders and technicians with the highest levels of technical expertise.

All in an effort to give our customers the solutions they need at the lowest possible costs. As a result of our forward-thinking and innovation-based approach, we’ve succeeded in growing into one of Australia’s most trusted providers of structural repairs for homes. To this date, we’ve completed over 5000 repair projects to the satisfaction of tens of thousands of Australians.

What is Buildfix’s mission?

We understand for the majority of Australians, the most important asset they’ll ever own is their home. It’s the building they go back to after a long day at work. The building they raise their families in. The building they share the most time with their loved ones in. We understand the value of a home, not just monetarily but emotionally. For this reason, we’ll go further than anyone else to provide solutions at prices the average Australian can afford. We deliver home repair solutions that:

Make your house stable & safe to live in

Don’t disrupt the structure of your home - we don’t use underpinning and we never knock down or dismantle anything

Are affordable - 95% of the work we do costs between $2,000 to $10,000 + GST

Don’t disrupt your life - 95% of projects take between half a day to a day to complete

How Buildfix works with you

To fulfil our mission, we’ve refined our structural repair methods using the latest techniques and have innovated technological solutions for our customers from the ground up. All of our engineers, builders and technicians are employees and not sub-contractors. This ensures that all of our jobs are carried out on time, on budget and completed to the highest standard. We’re absolutely determined to deliver the best outcome for your home and your safety. Our process is simple. Everything is FREE until the project is complete.

Need help from Buildfix?

If you know your home has structural problems but haven’t been able to find anyone to help you carry out repairs at an affordable cost, get in touch. We’d love to roll our sleeves up and get the job done for you. And we won’t charge you a fortune.

Structural inspection

On the day arranged, our engineer will carefully inspect your home and ask you some questions. This inspection is FREE and takes no more than half an hour.

On the spot, our engineer will give you an informal verbal quote to give you an idea of how much your fixes are going to cost.

FREE! The official quote & structural repair detail

When we get back to the office, our in-house team of engineers will draw up a solution for your home. After a few days, we’ll send you:

  • An official written quote with a fixed project cost between $2,000 to $5,000
  • And a structural repair detail designed by our qualified structural engineers that will detail our proposed fixes for your home.

The written quote and structural repair details are FREE and there’s no pressure to work with us just because we came to your house.

10 Year Warranty

Structural repairs with a 10-year warranty

If you’re happy with the cost and solution we propose, our project coordinator will arrange a date for our teams to carry out the repairs to your home.

Repairs should only take between half a day to a day. We’ll be in and out of your home in no time.

All our work comes with a 10-year warranty so you won’t need to worry about structural issues coming back. Or need to spend more money to fix them.

Book a FREE inspection today!

Book a FREE inspection today!

Don’t just take our word for it

  • We’re the Experts in Wall Crack Repair, Foundation Stabilisation and Damp Treatment

    What you can expect

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    Simple, transparent quotes

    Our quotes are easy to understand and accompanied by drawings detailing our solutions. No technical jargon – we promise.

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    Fixed, affordable prices

    Once the price has been quoted, that’s what the job is going to cost. We don’t add extra costs at the last minute. No tricks.

    Carry out repairs for free

    Permanent repairs

    Anything we repair or enhance stays that way. Otherwise we come back to carry out repairs again for FREE.

    Ten year warranty

    10-year warranty

    You’re covered for 10 years from the day we finish our work.

Our solutions are permanent

Because we’re confident in what we do, we offer:

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Free structural inspections (in NSW, ACT & southern QLD)

0% deposit, for every repair

Top-quality customer care

Buildfix 10 Year Warranty

A 10-year warranty for any solution we provide

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